A Professional Guide To Fireworks Displays


Professional fireworks displays for your wedding can sometime seem really confusing when it comes to comparing different quotes. Sometimes The biggest problem is a lot of companies will give you quotes with iver to much jargon or not enought information at it can make it every hard to compare each. This is why we have written this guide so you can understand what will make your dream display at value for money.



Firework Displays shells

One of the added benefits of getting a Professional fireworks company in to do your display rather than buying fireworks and setting them off yourself is profeesionals have access to shells.

Firework shells

They can be compared to the general public using rockets, but a lot bigger. This can be a good way of comparing quotes as the shell size will give you an idea of the size of your display. For example (if it gives an idea the London eye new year's eve display only uses up to 5" shells. The biggest rocket the public could buy compares to a 1" to 2" shell)

so bare minimum we recommended 2" and 3" shells to be included in your show, You can get some really big fireworks using 3" and above but a lot of companies will give try give a really cheap quotes but most of the fireworks will not be shells or may not even include any shells.


Large Firework Shells 7" to 16"

Most companies will not have access or the legal requirements to use shells above 6" in fact most do not have the experience to safely use them. We have 3 companies on our database that have a Legal explosive stores to store and use up to 16" shells and have a long safe history of using these large shells, so if you want somthing special add this on your message .


Firework Display Time

The next thing to help you compare quotes is total time. Longer is not always better. A good display we recommend between seven and ten minutes. if it is just fireworks or if you are having it done to music then between eight and fifthteen minutes is a good guide. Anything longer and your audience will lose intrest. A fireworks display lasting ten minutes you can do the exact display in five minutes but there will be more fireworks per Min and look a lot better. so this can be a way other firework companies can make it look better value because they stretch the display out. so its best to compare the amount of fireworks rather than just time.


Fireworks Cakes

firework cake

This is a common way for firework companies to make money on your display as they are the same to what you can buy in the shops, they compare to 1/2" to 1" shells and are very cheap. firework companies often even though its classed as one firework they will count each shot as one. So one cake could be looked as 30 or even 1000 shots depending how many tubes are in the cake. So this can confuse customers by say they will give 3000 shots but this may only be 10 fireworks.


Added extra's


Sometimes added extras is where a lot of companies make their money and it is where costs start adding up for you. for example, some wedding may request heart shells in the sky and we have heard of some companies charging over £90 for just 6 hearts. Truth is they cost about £4 each and take 1 sec. to add into a show.


Lance work (name / initials written in fire) can be the same (some companies will charge up to £150 for 3 letters when maximum per letter should cost no more than £10. Quite often on larger displays you can get these things added for free.



Lastly if you have the budget we always recommend requesting a pyro musical (fireworks computer controlled and set to any music you want) this also means you can have a lot more added effects as some fireworks can only be used when computer controlled. This can truly give you a night to remember and even people that don't like fireworks will enjoy it.






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