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Our company is currently linked to more than 15 of the UK's leading firework display providers, we strive to give you the easiest route to getting the best quote for your event.

As we only ever accept firework companies to our ranks that come highly recommend, reviewed and personally approved, we can be confident of the service provided by everyone we endorse.

Once your enquiry is submitted, we ask our members to respond with their quote within 24 hours and you are asked to deal directly with the company.


As we do not charge for our services, we find it best to allow you to deal directly with them for clarity and ease of booking.

All this is free to you the customer as the firework companies pay a set fee per year to be listed on our system.


Why have fireworks at your wedding.

You want your big day to be perfect and what better way to celebrate than a stunning fireworks display.

Fireworks are a great way to surprise your guests and create a memorable and unique experience, They are definitely worth considering. And the photos will be fantastic!” plus if you have the budget you can personlise it by using music they means somthing to you.



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